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As many families are failing, there is a huge impact in the lives of the children especially in rural areas. Little children are emotionally and physically stressed with uncertainty of their future. Children are being neglected and do not have access to proper education and healthcare. No or irregular vaccinations and lack of nutrition, are posing a huge health risk for the children. These children are often exposed to abuse, trafficking and child labour.  These struggles along with the lack of proper love, care and facilities in turn make the kids numb to the society. Children become selfish and opt to petty theft and fights. They resort to crimes which in turn becomes a way of life.  At ‘The Social Project’, we understand the need to address this issue and the importance to create an environment around the children where they can learn, grow and prosper. We provide the children with all basic necessities along with education, health care, impart values and morals and above all give them with the much needed love and help them grow and become good citizens with morals and values for the future of our country

Education is the most important necessity in life and for the future of the country. India’s literacy rate stands at 64.8% with Male literacy at 75.3% and Female literacy at only 53.7%. In this century where technology is striving to make what once was believed impossible, possible. With sophisticated and cutting edge technology we have a whole new era of possibilities,  but lack of proper education denies a whole world of possibilities. It’s the biggest setback one can have in life. It is important for the children to be educated and equipped to face this competitive world. Understanding the same and it being the reason behind having a successful career, Fermont Academy was established to give the children access to proper education and equip them with knowledge, morals, values and mold them to thrive in this ever challenging world and pursue a successful career to improve their standard of living.

Cricket is the most popular sport in India. With quality players emerging from unheard small towns and villages owing to Cricket’s marquee event, The Indian Premier League, these players have opportunities to have life changing career opportunities.  Talents from small villages and towns have emerged taking the industry by storm and making a huge impact on youngsters in the field of sports and fitness.  A lot of companies hire candidates based on their sports background and receive a healthy compensation to represent them in tournaments. Institutions and Organizations today have quotas for sports where youngsters can get Scholarships, perks for higher education and job opportunities as well.

Fermont Sports Academy was established to give youngsters in villages and rural areas opportunities to explore and utilize various perks available for higher education, job opportunities and also pursue their dreams of representing their district, state, country in Cricket.

We constantly strive to serve the needy and neglected community to uplift them and cater to their day-to-day needs.


Our activities include identification of socially deprived, abandoned individuals or communities who are in need of basic necessities and provide them with basic needs and relief materials during natural disasters and pandemic situations.


We ensure immediate response to provide relief materials, organize support and arrange temporary remedies depending on the situation.

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